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APHIDS — Easy Riders — Hero — img credit Bryony Jackson


Photo: Bryony Jackson


Arts Project Australia

Clothes by Gorman
Stylist - Eleanor Murphy
Ceramics - Ara Dolatian
Photo: Edwina Hollick

20170902_JG_5982 usm

Bunjil Place

Photo: Glen Hester

boroondara-LANKS performing at Hawthorn Arts Centre_Photo by Greg Holland

City of Boroondara - Arts

LANKS performing at Hawthorn Arts Centre.
Photo: Greg Holland

Collingwood Yards

Collingwood Yards

Photo: Stephan Postles

PHOTO 2021 Inside out Image credit J Forsyth 3


Inside Out at Federation Square, Photo 2021.
Photo: J Forsyth


Experimenta Life Forums

Soul Shift (2018) by Justine Emard (France).
Video still.
Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Fancy Hanks

Fancy Hank's

Photo: Eugene Hyland

(Edit 1) Looking On by Atong Atem - GSPF 2019. Photography Bernie Phelan Media

Gertrude St

Looking On by Atong Atem - GSPF 2019.
Photo: Bernie Phelan Media

Good Beer Week

Good Beer Week

Photo: Ryan Wheatley

Troy Emery, pink orchid [detail], 2020. Polyester, polyurethane, adhesive, pins, 54 x 70 x 52 cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary

Linden New Art

Art by Troy Emery
Photo: Martin Browne



Photo: Jana Longhorst

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Melbourne Fringe

Photo: Gerwyn Davies

Minimishima17924_High Res


Photo: Eve Wilson
There is no such thing as “the climate change debate”.Climate change is real, the science is clear, it is happening now. And we are feeling its devastating effects.Climate change is cranking up the intensity of extreme weather events here in Australia and worldwide. Massive bushfires blazing all year round, hotter, longer, more frequent heatwaves, devastating droughts, and storm surges riding on higher seas are all influenced by climate change.  The oceans are warming. The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest living marine structure, is finding little reprieve from more intense and frequent marine heatwaves that cause devastating bleaching.  Coral bleaching is happening on a scale and with a frequency not seen before. Biologists predict that if we continue carrying on the way we are then by the end of this century 50% of species living today will face extinction. And humans are not immune. To see ourselves as different and separate to the ecology and ecosystem of our planet is leaving humanity unprepared for the world we are currently destroying.The sooner we recognise and acknowledge this, the sooner we can start embracing more sustainable ways to address the imbalance and try and right the scales. There is hope. Renewables are the cheapest and most ecological form of new energy today. Countries around the world are phasing out fossil fuels as a power source. The world’s brightest minds are trying to catalyze change. We can see that through international unity - when we all work together -we can start to turn the tide.My new series ‘Endangered’ is a reframing of the notion of ourselves as human beings - mammals in a sensitive ecosystem, as vulnerable to the same forces of climate change as every other living creature. The difference being that the power and responsibility lies with us.

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

Endangered 1 by Tamara Dean.
Sublime Sea, MRPG



Photo: John Gollings


Melbourne Women in Film Festival

Video still from Brazen Hussies.
Directed by Catherine Dwyer.
Photo: Stuart Mannion courtesy Film Camp

NETS Victoria

NETS Victoria

Raquel Ormella
All these small intensities Courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane © the artist.
Photo: David Paterson
Open House Melbourne Capitol Theatre

Open House Melbourne

The Capitol - RMIT
Photo: Tatjana Plitt
PHOTO 2021 Royal Botanic Gardens Image Credit Zan Wimberly 1 copy

PHOTO 2021

Garden Variety at Royal Botanic Gardens
Photo: Zan Wimberly


Poodle Bar

Photo: Derek Swalwell

Aust Inter Beer Awards

Royal Agricultural Society Victoria

Photo: Craig Moodie Photography

Bruneian model, actor, and musician Wu Chun who shot to fame in China, Taiwan and Brunei popstar is heading to Melbourne for a short trip to meet Australian fans. Picture- Nicole Cleary

Royal Stacks

Photo: Nicole Cleary


Photo: Mysterious Al


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450 Smith Street
Collingwood, 3066

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