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FUSE Festival

Every Autumn and Spring, FUSE transforms Darebin into a dynamic hub of creativity. FUSE is a contemporary, multi-arts festival presented by the City of Darebin that turns the community into a platform for local artists and performers to highlight their creative and rich artistic talent. Darebin’s streets, parks, venues, theatres, galleries, and other public spaces, are  transformed into locally, unexpected zones of art, culture and creativity.

From celebrations that gather communities, to new experiences that inspire ideas, and all manner of creative risk-taking and art making, FUSE reflects the uniqueness and embraces the best of what Darebin is and can be as a vibrant, inclusive, creative and contemporary city. The City of Darebin believes that art is for everyone, and celebrates participation from all ages, genders, ethnicities, sexualities and abilities.


204/7 Smith Street
Fitzroy, 3065

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