The biggest ‘cheers’ in Australia with National Indie Beer Day

In celebration of Australian independent breweries, from the nimble to the mighty, Independent Brewers Association (IBA) have earmarked Saturday October 26 as National Indie Beer Day. Encouraging all to raise a glass of the golden liquid kind at 2pm – for the largest cheers across every state and corner of Australia. 

From Stomping Ground to Balter Brewing, a strong selection of IBA-member breweries and partner venues will rally together to spread the cheer and let beer lovers revel in “what is” and “who is” the community behind independent beer. 

Championing authenticity, localism, diversity in flavours and a community built on personal relationships, what’s not to celebrate with Independent Brewers growing at more than 25% year on year.

The IBA emerged from the Craft Beer Industry Association in 2017 when small breweries opted to differentiate from brands owned by CUB, Lion, Australian Beer Co. and Asahi such as James Squire, Matilda Bay and Mountain Goat.

Now representing a community of over 240 breweries the IBA collectively represents around 69% of the volume of independent beer brewed in Australia. 

To make the cut as an Australian ‘Independent Brewer’ the brewery or brewing company must be less than 20% owned by a large brewer and produce less than 40 million litres per year.

“We (the IBA) are extremely excited to announce the launch of Indie Beer Daywhich will mark our first national public event. October 26 will be a day to come together to pause and celebrate our growing role in the community and share it with all Australian drinkers,” said Jamie Cook, Chairman of the IBA and Co-Founder of Stone & Wood.

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