The Best of Melbourne: 52 Wine Bars and 52 Craft Beer Venues Across the City

The world’s dominant beverages born of grape and grain have witnessed unprecedented growth over the past few years. This has given rise to an increase in craft beer bars and brewing ‘startups’ in grey industrial areas, while wine bars seem to arrive finished and fully equipped on the ground floor of new apartment complexes and appear in forgotten old corners.

Available now, Melbourne DRINKS WINE by Luckie guides features 52 enchanting wine bars, more than half of which opened in the past few years. These are the new grown-up corner stores that express the maturation and essential nature of our relationship with wine. Also newly launched, Melbourne DRINKS BEER by Luckie Guides is an informative and accessible guide to 52 of the best places to discover and experience craft beer, featuring specialty craft beer pubs, dedicated craft beer bars, urban breweries and even a sustainable craft beer pizzeria.

Locals and tourists alike are never far from a great glass of wine or refreshing brew in Melbourne. The idea of a third space away from home or work creates an area where individuals can truly relax and be looked after in pleasant surroundings, free from their responsibilities. As an additional bonus, these spaces are friendly and fully inclusive, in stark contrast to the restrictive old-fashioned pubs we’re used to.

In wine there’s wisdom.

Because the modern wine bar isn’t tied to tradition, owners have the freedom to create a customized experience. Patrons don’t need to worry about pronouncing Blaufränkisch or Gewürztraminer to their intimidating sommelier, the often youthful staff are knowledgeable and passionate. They are dedicated to giving you the best experience, and this includes conveying their knowledge. Drink sampling technology like the Coravin or Enomatic system have provided opportunities to sample fine wines by the glass. From veteran wine enthusiasts to the everyday hipster, the wine bar draws a diverse crowd. Here, anyone with an appreciation of or taste for wine can be energised by new tasting experiences in which you gain wisdom too.

In beer there’s freedom.

Our obsession with craft provenance and artisanship doesn’t stop at wine. Moving away from musty old casks, dreary pubs and your standard go-to pint of lager, craft beer has invigorated the industry. Not only have craft breweries reimagined the way we view beer, but it has also reimagined the way we consume it. Young families can now spend hours at the nearest craft beer bar while kids keep themselves entertained in carefully laid-out play areas. Craft beer lovers don’t have to look too far to find a craft beer bar that prioritises flavour and experimentation. These venues are trendy and accommodating, but perhaps the best part is the range of brewtiful flavours they bring to the table. With an extensive variety on the menu and a generally accepting, welcoming atmosphere, patrons have no problem indulging in their freedom at these craft beer bars.

In experience there’s exploration.

Not all wine bars and craft beer venues are created equal. When you’re seeking a delicious experience that stimulates the senses, hopping aimlessly from place to place won’t do. Fortunately, Luckie Guides offer 100% independent, trusted and curator-researched recommendations – in a one-of-a-kind portable deck of cards.

The guides also include an additional two ‘Luckie Seven’ cards that list seven of the best establishments. The Melbourne DRINKS WINE and Melbourne DRINKS BEER guides profile the most impressive hidden craft beer and wine bar gems based on experienced research and recommendations. From this experience comes the excitement of exploring the best Melbourne has to offer. Luckie Guides are 100% independent. No venues pay to be included. Their format is unique: a deck of cards in a sturdy box with a flip top lid. Each pack features 52 cards profiling a single venue plus two ‘Luckie Seven’ cards featuring seven of the best of their category.

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