Superfluid Launches New Cleanse Range with the Hack Pack

Keen to flush out the toxins of daily life after a hectic summer? Superfluid is excited to announce the release of its new organic, cold pressed Superfluid Cleanse range in three levels – Superfluid Me, Be Superfluid and The Future is Superfluid. Superfluid sets itself apart from other juice cleanses with ‘hacks’: natural substances which can alleviate physical symptoms from detoxing and help you to function – readily keeping up all the activities of a busy, every-day life. Most importantly, Superfluid cleanses adopt the philosophy of functional food: food as medicine principle.

Each cleanse consists of 100% organic, plant-based, cold-pressed juices and nut/seed mylks. Both vegan and gluten-free, these drinks are not heat-treated, so their live, raw properties will flood your system to give your body a buzz and a natural high. Cleanses are available for 1, 3, 5, or 7 days and served in recyclable glass bottles.

In Australia, a juice cleanse typically operates without any added extras to enhance the overall detoxification or cleansing experience. The Hack Pack is a Superfluid breakthrough which, when taken in its purest form, allows the user to cut through any low points of a detox and optimise the cleanse. These powerful extras – including psyllium husks to beat off hunger cravings and keep you feeling “full” throughout the day, Schizandra and other adaptogens to boost energy levels, and magnesium powder to sooth aches and pains – are informed by a deep knowledge of integrated, functional, Chinese and Ayurveda medicine.

“Often fasting cleanses are looked upon as austere measures – like you are being punished for partying too much and it’s some sort of hardship to be endured,” said Superfluid founder Tracey Lester, who has combined her knowledge of what works and doesn’t after 25 years of juice fasting experienced. “It’s the mentality of ‘how am I going to make it through the next few days?’

“Our cleanses don’t take that attitude – they are fun, delicious experiences, just like eating in a restaurant. Flavours and tastes are more intense once you start detoxing, so your appreciation of a variety of flavours increases. People say they feel full, especially on the hack packs, and they love the soup idea too. It’s great if you are busy and on the go, as you don’t have to think – just grab the next juice, the thinking has been done for you.”

Juice cleanses in Australia also typically feature the same set of juices daily, but in another Superfluid point of difference, cleanses feature different combinations of juices to avoid repetition and boredom. This also ensures cleansers will flush their system and blood stream with a complete variety of nutrition, enzymes, plant protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids that the body needs to function optimally, as well as a variety of flavour profiles and taste combinations to curb the mind from missing food. Each cleanse also includes two nut/seed mylks to keep you functioning optimally, and maintain their brain power and overall energy with fuel from good fats.

Superfluid cleanses are about health and wellness rather than weight loss, but weight loss will happen as a natural by-product, said Tracey.

“They are about cleansing, detoxing and rebalancing your body and mind, and resetting healthy eating habits. None of our cleanses are calorie restrictive. When we remove all the chemicals, substances and foods that cause inflammation, allergies, intolerances, bloating and weight gain in the body, weight loss will invariably happen as your body resets and rebalances itself back to its natural set point, and is likely to continue happening post cleanse.”

The first step in cleansing is to choose the best one suited to you. Superfluid Me is the entry-level cleanse, aimed at those who are new to cleansing, those who want to ease themselves into detoxification or are looking for a gentler detox. The beginner cleanse sits on the sweeter side, for those who aren’t fans of green juices, but is an excellent source for instant vitality due to its immunity boosting properties.

More advanced cleansers will consider the Be Superfluid cleansing range – for those who have previous detox experience, or those who already have a healthy, clean diet packed with whole foods and vegetables. It contains more green and less fruit-based juices, so cleansers in this category can expect a deeper detoxification which accelerates cleansing benefits.

The most thorough and intensive cleansing range, The Future is Superfluid, presents itself as the quintessential reset and detox for the body. Flooding the system with high amounts of nutrients, minerals and dynamic enzymes, it relies on a mostly green juice- based regimen to yield noticeable results for the user.

“I have done many cleanses, both in the US and Australia, and hands down Superfluid has been the best experience for a juice cleanse,” said choreographer/artist Jonathan Homsey. “As an artist I am constantly on the go and active, so it is hard to do a cleanse and continue to dance. However, with Superfluid and their amazing hack packs and juices I felt consistently energised, never hungry and full of vitality.”

Hairdresser Mykey O’Halloran said he felt like he restored his body “back to factory settings” after doing the cleanse.

“Before I was fuelling it with coffee to function, and the Superfluid cleanse brought me back to my natural state of energy,” he said. “I felt really content on the cleanse and well-nourished. My eyes felt clearer, my pores felt more pure and the bloating in my stomach disappeared after 3 days. I did the 7 day cleanse, so by the last day I felt like I could set up new healthy patterns for myself.

“I didn’t feel at all hungry for 7 days, there is definitely enough nutrients to keep you functioning, and it was surprising how much energy I had!”

Superfluid founder Tracey Lester worked with chef Tristan Newman (Tetsuya, Cutler and Co, Cumulus) to create the cleanses in conjunction with an integrated board of medical experts to produce a highly functional formula that does not sacrifice on delicious taste.

Superfluid cleanses can be delivered straight to your home or workplace and start on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Free delivery is available same day in Melbourne CBD, 8am-3pm, and for orders outside the CBD there is a flat rate of $10 and orders must be received by midday for delivery the next day.