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ST. ALi & Voilà Team Up to Bring Specialty Instant Coffee to Australia

A pioneer in the Australian specialty coffee scene, ST. ALi has partnered with Oregon-based Voilà, a leader in specialty instant coffee, to expand the specialty instant coffee market in Australia.

In a stunning back flip to rival any of our political leaders, ST. ALi has created a specialty instant coffee. The first batch of ST. ALi’s Colombia Washed Finca La Laja will be available in instant form on May 18, giving coffee lovers the opportunity to drink the best specialty coffee anywhere, instantly.

Coming full circle, Australia’s coffee scene may never be quite the same again. The irony of which is not lost of ST. ALi’s Salvatore Malatesta;

“We’re early adopters of anything we think is new and cool, so when I had the opportunity to meet Kent from Violà who was doing something new and interesting in the instant space, we decided that a collaboration with those guys was a must. From what I’ve tasted, there is no better instant coffee better on the planet”
With this first-of-a-kind partnership, this specialty instant coffee will be increasingly available to Australian customers. The Finca La Laja was chosen to be the first ST. ALi instant offering because it embodies everything ST. ALi looks for when buying a coffee. It’s super tasty, traceable, and ethically-sourced.

Bursting with tasting notes of plum, brown sugar, and florals, this Colombian coffee, roasted in the ST. ALi style, is to be enjoyed by all.

Voilà has revolutionised the specialty coffee industry by reinventing the way instant coffee is traditionally made; each cup is meticulously handcrafted from the best specialty coffees in the world, upholding quality from farm-to-cup, this instant coffee is something that can be taken anywhere.

Kent Sheridan, founder of Voila says, “I couldn’t think of a better partner to launch the program with. This collaboration is just the beginning of an important relationship in the specialty coffee industry. I’ve known the people behind ST. ALi for a long time and I’m thrilled that Voilà has finally found an opportunity to team up with them.”

The ST. ALi. instant coffee is available online and in ST ALi and Sensory Lab locations.
Cost: $16.00
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