ST. ALi Signature Drinks: letting the inner artist out

Inspired by Starward Whisky’s pop-up next door, ST. ALi has released a range of six signature drinks showcasing alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Dali Drip ($12) – a unique drink inspired by its artistic namesake – gratifying and obsessive. Created with filtered coffee, maple syrup, wattleseed and whipped cream.

Orthodox Martini ($20) – ST. ALi’s twist on the espresso martini. This classic drink incorporates ST. ALi’s most popular coffee blend to add a pop of richness to Starward Two Fold Whisky, Kahlua and plum. $20

Count Camillo ($24) – a crisp and cool drink for all Negroni lovers. Made with Cascara infused MGC gin, Campari, MAiDENii Sweet Vermouth and orange, this drink is designed for those with sophisticated palettes to distinguish the underlying floral taste, or just to enjoy.

Frida’s Foam ($18) – a balanced and beautiful blend of espresso, cacao cold brew, honey and milk foam, this drink is packed with a range of flavours bound to brighten anyone’s day.

Cascara Fresco ($11) – for those who want to stay classy, cool, and clean without breaking the bank, this is a classic creation of cascara, peach, tonic and rose. Cascara in Spanish refers to the dried skins of coffee cherries, which was said to help Renaissance painter Francesco del Cossathem stay awake while creating the famed stained-glass windows at San Giovanni in Monte.

Caravaggio Caramel ($11) – an indulgent and decadent treat, this salted caramel milkshake created with gelato, topped with a generous coating of caramel popcorn and milk is an indulgent way to fuel the day.

Available now at ST. ALi South Melbourne