ST. ALi Kitchen Presents A New Product Range By Dobbers

Executive chef, Daniel Dobra, has long been dreaming of his own product range of sauces, condiments, spice rubs and more. The time for tinkering is now done and the new range bears the ST. ALi brand, available at the café and online.

Fermenting Seville oranges for up to three months, gently cooking for another 7-8 hours to maintain the fresh orange flavour that comes from the oils within the skin, the marmalade is finished with freshly squeezed orange to give it a very zingy and tangy flavour. “I personally feel the marmalade itself is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted – similar to licking a nine-volt battery, if ever you have done that,” says Dobra.

The coffee infused maple syrup was inspired by the natural flavour characteristics prevalent in high quality maple syrup; coffee, vanilla, dark chocolate and caramel aromas. Dobra infuses Quebecois AAA grade maple syrup with ST. ALi’s own Orthodox coffee. “The syrup goes amazingly with bacon, fresh berries, fresh cheese such as burrata or ricotta, even smothered over a grilled pork chop,”

Of the Carolina mustard & beer BBQ sauce, Dobra says, “After a recent trip to the American South I created this sauce to help educate the general public on what beautiful BBQ sauces exist but 99% Australians have never heard of.” Building on the traditions of German immigrants who brought their food traditions to the Southern US, Dobra’s BBQ sauce uses American mustard, light wheat pilsner and spices. It’s fantastic eaten with pork of all descriptions.

Seven years in development, Dobra has created this range in conjunction with the ST. ALi team and he is pretty damn excited. Available at ST ALI. Other products in the range include:

  • Smoked Maple Syrup – $20
  • Chip Seasoning – $5
  • Chicken Spice – $8
  • Green Apple & Jalapeno Hot Sauce – $15
  • Carolina Hot Sauce – $15
  • Fermented Orange Marmalade – $10