ST. ALi Feels Good Instant Coffee

ST. ALi Feels Good Organic Instant coffee available July 8

ST. ALi is incredibly excited to announce the release of the Feels Good Organic Instant coffee, the second collaboration with Voila Instant Coffee in America.

“Specialty organic instant coffee is really hard to find,” says ST. ALi founder Salvatore Malatesta. “Especially if you want it to taste good. With our new Feels Good Organic Instant, you get all the convenience of coffee in an instant, packaged up in a tasty product. I’ve tried all brewing methods and found boiled water from the kettle into preheated fine bone china works best.”

For two years ST. ALi has been producing its Feels Good organic blend; 100% certified organic, ethically sourced, and skillfully roasted, Feels Good Organic is a seasonal and fruit driven specialty blend. Tasting like grilled peach, honeycomb, and marmalade, this coffee is sourced from Ethiopia and Peru by ST. ALi’s own green bean procurement specialist. And it tastes good—like, really good. Perfect for travel, those mornings running late, or lazy weekends, the Feels Good Organic is a convenient, easy—and tasty—way of getting a caffeine kick.

Available in a 22g box holding five sachets of organic instant, this will retail for $21—but get in quick. The last run with Voila, based on the Orthodox blend, sold out in three days.

The ST. ALi. instant coffee is available online and in ST. ALi and Sensory Lab locations. Visit: