Soak up the last few days of the Melbourne Fringe Festival

Melbourne Fringe is wrapping up on Sunday 30 September but there’s still plenty to see and do before the Festival closes. Highlights of the last few days include:

ICON, September 30
Come venerate, revel and exalt as Melbourne’s newest ICON is revealed in an audacious celebration around the Main Stage at Fed Square. Eat their favourite lunch, try their deodorant, dance to their favourite music, adopt their fashion, meet their strange aunty – in short, take a journey through Field Theory’s spectacular interpretation of their daily life. Field Theory has discovered our ICON – it’s time you do too. Fed Square

Alice Tovey: Existential Crisis, September 28-29
Together with a live four-piece band, award-winning duo Alice Tovey and Ned Dixon explore the crushing sense of anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with the dreaded quarter-life crisis. Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – Main Theatre, North Melbourne.

Bella Green Is Charging For It, September 25-30 (pictured right)
Bella Green has worked in brothels and strip clubs, peepshows and dungeons, massage parlours and adult shops, but her most degrading job of all was the three months she spent in a call centre for one of the major four banks. This show will answer all the questions you never thought to ask about sex work. Courthouse Hotel – The Jury Room, North Melbourne.

MEATSeptember 28-30
MEAT is a contemporary dance work in collaboration with DANCE PLANT Collective, which unwraps the meat industry and explores its social and environmental implications. MEAT offers an immersive and penetrating dive into the unsettling psychology of consumption; what are you consuming and what consumes you? Abbotsford Convent – Industrial School

Dudebox, September 26-28 (pictured left)
Kimberley Twiner presents a filthy line up of strictly non-dudes tap dancing on the grave of the patriarchy. A barrage of physical comedy, performance art, drag, music and neo-burlesque. Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – Ballroom, North Melbourne

CircaliciousSeptember 25-29
Featuring a spectacular display of jugglers, contortionists, trapeze artists, acrobats and more, Circalicious brings the freshest and newest work from Melbourne’s shiniest new circus stars. Emerald City – The Cobbles stage, North Melbourne.

How Good are Dicks, September 27-30
‘How Good are Dicks’ is an unapologetic and brutally honest one-sheila show about a sweet little lesbian, battling, raging, resisting, seething and figuring out who the hell she is. Errol’s & Co, North Melbourne.

Shania Choir: Twain Again, September 28-29
Immerse yourself in the exploration of the personal and professional life of Shania Twain through song, dance and drag with Shania Choir, the a capella group armed with the prerogative to have a little fun! Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – Main Theatre, North Melbourne.

Femmo Hysteria, September 28
An entourage of the most formidable queens of comedy is assembling to bring you an unmissable celebration of all things femmo. Delivering more razor-sharp wit and bloody-minded charm than you can shake your patriarchy fighting stick at. Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – Main Theatre, North Melbourne.

Bogan Shakespeare brings some of William Shakespeare’s classic works to life in easy to understand and relatable language, that any Aussie can comprehend! Funny, irreverent, dramatic, serious, fast and crazy all at the same time, this is the treatment and interpretation everyone has been waiting for! Club Voltaire, North Melbourne

Highlights for the little ones include:

Playing Up, September 26-28
Make clothes out of food, remote control your parents, invent your own form of sport, search for miracles, deconstruct electrical devices, build what-happens-next-machines! Children, grown-ups, families and friends are all welcome. Pick a card, follow the instructions, create your own piece of live art. The SUBSTATION, Newport.

Prehistoric VR, September 24-30
Dive beneath 200 million years of history and swim with some of the prehistoric ocean’s strange and wonderful creatures in this ground-breaking VR experience. In an event that introduces kids to palaeontology in a cutting-edge way, meet creatures from Australia’s prehistoric past, including bioluminescent jellyfish, Anglerfish, Paracyclotosaurus, Dickinsonia, Plesiosaurus and Kronosaurus. ACMI, Studio 1.Artplay – On The Lawn, Fed Square.

Fringe Club highlights include:

Maximumrocknroll, September 28
Get ready for circus, dance, comedy, cabaret and chaos from Berlin’s prince and princess of art rock and Europop, Otto & Astrid from Die Roten Puntke. Smear your lipstick, throw a tantrum and prepare for a sonic collision of their classic hits and special guest Anya Anastasia, Dolly Diamond and Queenz. Fringe Club: Arts House.

Year 10 Formal, September 27
Join your hosts, the reigning queens of sketch comedy Double Denim, for a high-octane blast from the past featuring songs, skits and grease lightning on the dance floor. Tonight’s the night to re-live (or re-imagine) the dizzying highs and crashing lows of the classiest night of high school. Fringe Hub: Arts House – Festival Club, North Melbourne.

Melbourne Fringe is a big, bold and playful celebration of independent art that takes over the city from 13 to 30 September 2018. See established and emerging artists stand side-by-side to make Fringe a fun, affordable way to experience art in Melbourne – are you game? Tickets on sale at