Queer art in bed, on the tram, in the park…or wherever works for you.

No need to get spruced up or even out of your jim-jams for this Midsumma event: artist collective QueerTech.io presents an online art exhibition of imaginative, revelatory and playful artworks by 11 queer-identifying visual artists from across the world including Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the USA.

Experience this groundbreaking online exhibition by visiting http://queertech.io from 18 January.


Fans of Grand Theft Auto V can queer the popular GTA gaming world with mods, hacks, and add-ons created by Brooklyn-based visual artist Karl Munstedt. Grand Theft Homo VI: Queertopia is a fun subversion of hetero-masculine tropes embedded within the algorithms of the game with Munstedt asking, “What if Grand Theft Auto was a queer utopia?


Explore queer stories, moments and memories at each pin drop in Queering the Map, a Google Maps-like platform with messages from tens of thousands LGBTQIA+ people from every continent. Read and leave your own stories in this poetic work by Canadian artist Lucas LaRochelle.


Step into the bedroom of Queensland artist Alayna Cole’s teenage self in Snapshot; each step in this online game unlocks the next section of Cole’s narrative of discovering and accepting her sexuality. Cole’s work for QueerTech.io sits within her advocacy work championing queer representation in gaming.


“Visiting QueerTech.io is a lot of fun,” says Midsumma program manager Daniel Santangeli. “It’s easy to get lost in some of these artworks for leading queer-identifying artists from across the world.”


On Friday 1 February 2019, you can literally and virtually step inside the work when the QueerTech.io artist collective present Black Box, an experiment in live digital making. The QueerTech.io artist collective will be artists in residence at Testing Grounds, Southbank from 22 January to 10 February, which will act as a hub, collaboration incubator and experimental exhibition space. As part of Midsumma Festival, QueerTech.io invites artists and audiences to contribute towards artistic, verbal and online conversations that deconstruct and reconsider notions of queerness in a tech-saturated present.