Outsmart a hangover this festive season – Be Superfluid

Let’s face it, all sorts of alcoholic concoctions can wind up in our party-happy systems at this time of year and the results are not pretty – it’s a no brainer that drinking a lot punches your liver in the guts.

Superfluid can ease the pain and make you human again with their hangover tonics – remedies designed to protect, support and cleanse the liver as quickly and as naturally as possible.

The perfect thing to have prior to a big night out, protecting the liver and neutralizing toxins, The Green Doctor contains chlorophyll and chlorella, an algae with the highest amount of chlorophyll in it. A Japanese study found that taking chlorella before drinking alcohol can prevent hang overs by 96%. Chlorophyll restores energy and is known to be one of the greatest detoxifying agents capable of removing alcohol and heavy metals from the liver.

If it’s not consumed pre-drinking binge, it will also be effective post-binge in neutralising the alcohol, cleansing the liver and reviving some energy before you collapse into bed.

The New Black Doctor contains Buckminsterfullerene C60 and activated charcoal – the first thing they give you when you go to hospital for drug or alcohol poisoning. The charcoal absorbs and cleans up any alcohol, toxins and chemicals in the system, while the Buckminsterfullerene C60 works on the cellular level and helps draw the toxins from our cells, tissues, blood and organs. This is a great thing to have prior to bed, or first thing the morning after, but it needs to be taken away from the Green Doctor, a green juice or any medication because it will draw out all the nutritional and cleansing benefits. It also needs to be accompanied by a lot of water to make it most effective.

Easy Tiger is a fantastic green juice for cleansing – an anti-hangover package full of chlorophyll (from spinach and silverbeet), celery (known for its cleansing action) and apple and mint, which have been known to assist in bile production and secretion, thus speeding up liver detoxification. The mint in it will also aid queasiness.

If you’re feeling a tad more hardcore or have allergies or intolerances to the ingredients in Easy Tiger – go for Hard Core, full of chlorophyll (kale and spinach), cucumber (known to hydrate and re-hydrate the body) and coriander (known as a powerful liver chelator, helping to specifically eliminate toxins and heavy metals from your liver). Ginger will aid queasiness, and the turmeric will tame any inflammation.

Blue Lagoon is full of coconut water – the perfect, natural way to replace the electrolytes in your system which alcohol depletes, one of the biggest culprits for dehydration and the hangover headache. The coconut flesh will provide your body with good fats (warding off those “I need grease” cravings) and quickly convert to fuel for your body, thus also warding off the other hangover craving: “I need carbs” (essentially your body wanting energy and wanting it NOW). The Blue Majik in this mylk is full of C-Phycocyanin, known for its powerful anti-inflammation benefits (a hangover is essentially inflammation in the body, induced by alcohol). It will also revitalize your body from a cellular level – increasing your energy levels and giving your brain an alertness boost which the alcohol may have knocked out of you.

These hangover remedies are now available in Superfluid, Bourke St and online at superfluid.me. For the next two weeks of the silly season they will also be available on weekends at the Windsor Castle and the Carlton Club until 3am.