Melbourne Fringe Festival, XS Kids in Fashion (2018)

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Our response to COVID-19

At Zilla & Brook Publicity we have been deeply saddened by the effects of COVID-19 as it rips through the industries we love and operate in. 

The new challenge of keeping much-loved businesses and cultural events afloat demands nimble public relations responses and a committed team of publicists behind the message to make sure no organisation is left behind. 

As long-time advocates for the Melbourne arts, culture and hospitality scene, we’re here to offer support to those who need it most – now more than ever. From existing clients to new, together we’re creating solutions that align with the ‘new normal’ way of life.

We are supporting all our clients any way we can, proud to work alongside them as they adapt their business models to keep the lights on and keep their teams employed. Just some of the great new initiatives include:


The Z&B team is fully committed to helping businesses develop their brand, reach new audiences and achieve the very best by harnessing the full benefits of PR. As we continue to work remotely in support of health and safety, we want our community to know that we’re still here to amplify your story. Let it be known that your business is still operating through these trying times!

Have you got a story to tell? Let us know and we can work together to make it media ready and newsworthy to cut through the endless cycle of pandemic news that currently bombards our media. Remember, the media are hungry for good stories.

To chat about strategy, options for your business or any other general enquiries, drop us a line. Get in touch at [email protected]

Image credit: Melbourne Fringe Festival, XS Kids in Fashion (2018)