Oriental Teahouse launch mul-tea packs just in time for Christmas

Owner and founder David Zhou knows tea.

Growing up in riverside Shanghai, Zhou grew up drinking tea as there was no soft drinks where he lived. Zhou fondly remembers watching his father testing green tea as a child – bringing the same authentic practices steeped in tradition to Melbourne years later.

From Monday 19 November, Oriental Teahouse will launch new mul-tea packs that take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect tea for your brew-loving Mum, or the best friend obsessed with herbal tea, offering up one every morning without fail.

David Zhou’s authentically handmade loose-leaf teas will be available in three curated flavour profiles – Green Tea, Fruit Fantasy and Signature mul-tea packs.

Updated for modern times, no tea is too complex for the untrained palate. Simple ingredients prevail, delivering in quality and taste.

A nod to one of China’s oldest herbal remedies, the Green Tea Six-pack is the quintessential range for those seeking powerful effects on the mind, body and soul. It includes one of Shanghai’s most revitalising teas known as Long Jing, which combats toxins and is best-loved for its cleansing finish. Reach for this gift pack as a cooling summer staple to create for the ultimate Ying and Yang effect.

Bursting with bold flavour and hand-picked by David Zhou, the Fruit Fantasy six-pack uses real fruit that is noticeable in every scoop. Served iced or infused in boiling water, this fruity gift is high in vitamins and explodes with antioxidants making for the perfect pick-me-up. Use zesty flavours like the Raspberry and Lime tea for a refreshing cocktail with undeniable natural flavour.

The Signature six-pack is a curated selection of Oriental Teahouse classics that strike the ultimate balance in taste, texture and aroma. An all-rounder that includes spiced ginger options and more, live like the locals do from David’s hometown and enjoy a relaxing brew with dainty herbal notes. A must-have from this range is the Refreshing tea, popular for its sweet wolfberry component, made even better with a side of dumplings to nourish the senses.

For the complete suite of Oriental Teahouse approved mul-teas, the Twelve Best mixed-pack will turn anyone into an instant tea master.