Of This Earth – A culinary experience like no other, presented by Bunjil Place and Carbon Arts

Art, history, food and performance combine in Of This Earth, as Bunjil Place launches the ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 Festival through a spectacular collaboration with Carbon Arts on May 4 at 6pm.

Of this Earth is a one-night-only, roaming theatrical 8 course degustation adventure limited to one hundred guests and set within the visionary architecture of Bunjil Place in the City of Casey. Each course explores different themes relating to ecology, native food history, colonised agricultural impacts and the possibilities for a new Australian fusion cuisine.

The Australian Future Foods Lab invites guests on a dizzying and delicious journey through deep geological time to the present, in the hope of inspiring a revolution in food culture. Collaborating with Scale Free Network, Sensory Empire and Future Crunch’s Musical Philosopher, guests can discover distinctively Australian tastes and tales, and enter into the complex and evolving story of this land.

Inspired by Bruce Pascoe’s book Dark Emu, the evening will feature a soil biome immersion, an edible introduction to artist Vera Moller’s exhibition A Thousand Tides, and a conceptual culinary collaboration with Alexander Perry (former chef and restaurateur of The Good Table). On the menu are infusions, fermentations, and paired animals and plants that illustrate the complex web of relationships that sustain us on this earth. The only menu hint for now is Smoked Yabbie and Mussel, Finger Lime and Pig Face!

The Australian Future Foods Lab is an artist-researcher collective led by Carbon Arts, re-igniting taste buds and the cultural imagination in support of emerging and resilient food systems. Working in collaboration with Situation Dining, the Australian Future Foods Lab are set to deepen the exploration of native flavours and sustainable agriculture in 2019 through a profound, immersive dining experience that raises questions about our relationship to place.

With tickets selling fast, head to www.bunjilplace.com.au/of-earth for all bookings.

The Australian Future Food Lab
An initiative of Carbon Arts (Jodi Newcombe) together with Scale Free Network (Gregory Crocetti and Briony Barr), Roundangle (Charlie Ahrens), Will Tait (Future Crunch), Sensory Empire (Pierre Proske) and visual ecologist, Aviva Reed, the Lab invites innovation and experimentation through unique collaborations involving artists, scientists, chefs and the food industry. See weblink for bios.

Situation Dining
Lead by Alexander Perry (former chef and restaurateur of The Good Table), Situation Dining aims to draw diners in to their setting and surroundings through art, music and food, focusing on ethically sourced produce, seasonality and the region in its widest setting.

Of this Earth
Saturday, 4 May 2019
6.00 pm – 9.30 pm (Combine with Vera Moller’s artist’s talk, 5-6pm)
Bunjil Place
Tickets: $85 / $105 (with transport from Melbourne)
Bookings essential