Love something? Make it free – a guide to the open-entry events at Melbourne Fringe Festival

Looking to hit up Fringe on a budget? Or looking for interesting shows to squeeze in between the rest of your Fringe schedule? Maybe just looking for an interesting night out. No matter what, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019 has a whole catalogue of performances open to the public absolutely free of charge, from 12 – 29 September.

Inconvenient Empathy is a show being hosted a tribute to Eurydice Dixon, performed by her friends, and is based off of a proposal for a show that she wanted to perform as part of this years’ Fringe. The show explores what it is like as a feminist to feel sympathy with some of the arguments made by the Men’s Rights Movement – an idea that the performers of this work are committed to engaging with fully, 19 – 24 September at the Fringe Hub: Trades Hall.

A stray piece of Lego inconveniently placed underfoot can be enough to ruin anyone’s day. Ferris Knight is bravely planning to undertake that suffering willingly as a part of LEtGO of Stigma, where he will attempt to break the world record for longest ever barefoot Lego walk, in an event designed to inspire fresh thinking about how we engage with the stigma surrounding mental health, 15 September at the Dax Centre Gallery.

For the indecisive festival-goer, Fringe Roulette is a convenient sampling of the full scope of the festival line-up, at one easy event. Each performance is a complete surprise, for performers and audiences alike, with acts selected at the whims of a giant on-stage roulette wheel – resulting in an open mic night, like nothing ever experienced before, 18 – 25 September at the Fringe Hub: Trades Hall – Old Ballroom.

Jîyan (pictured right)is a multi-day, multi-performance exhibition, exploring the sacred relationship between womanhood and nature. Featuring elements of dance, music, craft, storytelling and more, Jîyan is a deeply engrossing and multifaceted work, not to be missed, 20 – 22 September at SITEWORKS.

Mummy’s Milk is an immersive, one-on-one experience not to be missed. Inside Mummy Mustah’s living room, sustenance, nourishment, affection and warmth will be felt, and problems are encouraged to be lay bare, in a deeply therapeutic experience that will stick with you long after the performance is over, 12 – 28 September at Sandy V’s in Collingwood.

Enter “The Pod”, in We Are the Robots. An enormous and otherworldly domed performance space, to unleash your inner robot technician. Touch sensitive MIDI technology will be deployed to create a unique audio soundscape while putting together a machine, fit to crush humanity from the modular parts provided, 21 – 29 September at ArtPlay.

Wilin Fan The Flames is a diverse showcase of the achievements of The Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development students and alumni. The event will include pieces of visual art, film, performance, and conversation. Come to keep the blaze around the Wilin roaring for years to come, 26 September at the Martin Myer Arena.

The Cause Collective’s world-spanning project In Search of the Truth, is here to ask residents of Melbourne what they think really matters. Participants are invited inside of a giant inflatable thought bubble, to give their own take on what “The Truth” really is, 13 – 15 September at Various locations in Prahran.Go on a guided tour through the town of Werribee in Ancient Shrines and Half Truths. Making way through the township with a smart-phone, a user-triggered app, and a pair of headphones, will create an understanding of the community completely overturned in this satirical experience, 18 – 22 September at the Werribee War Memorial.

Melbourne Fringe Festival
12 – 29 September 2019
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