Locals Supporting Locals; Brunswick Supporting Brunswick.

Not the human-contact kind; the helping each other out whilst practicing clean hands and social distancing kind.

In what’s typically the most prolific time of year, this year’s summer – abundant with bushfires, floods, and temperamental weather – has hit the hospitality industry hard. Now capped off with a pandemic. For small business owners + their staff, Covid-19 and its consequential social distancing/quarantining is an ominous and alarming ‘cherry’ on top of months of struggling margins and strained bottom lines.

In all this turmoil, here’s something nice:

A group of locals in Melbourne’s inner north have pulled together to do something about it, taking the fate of local businesses into their hospitality hands.

“We don’t want to see doors closing. Not if we can help it; not if locals can help us”
, said James Gullan, partner in Rascal. 
Ten venues in total, are advocating one message: Support Local, Support Brunswick.

“In a time of absolute sh**, we want to be on the side of kindness and consideration; of helping and supporting each other, doing as much as we can to get through. Owner, trader, farmer, server, and community.” Says a rep from the group.

Participating venues include:
Small Time, BhangMiss MosesBrunswick Mess HallLittle MessRascalWelcome to BrunswickTheordoresTom Phat and Biff Tannins (with the support of the Sydney Road Traders Association).

As part of this coalition against closed doors, redundant staff, binned entertainment, and cancelled produce, over March and April, these venues will champion the #SupportLocalSupportBrunswick campaign in their venues and online. Promoting each others’ venues in the process, too.

Importantly, all venues will adhere to strict hygiene codes and best sanitation practices, helping their customers to do the same. “We’re doing all the right things; the hand sanitiser is flowing like wine. Alongside the actual wine.”

“People are still heading out; eating, dining, beer‘ing and wine’ing. We just want to say, choose local, choose Brunswick. Help your neighbours out.”