Inspiring new enterprise: Women’s Co-working Wednesdays at EBV

Every Wednesday for the past four months, East Brunswick Village has hosted co-working Wednesdays for women in the display suite in conjunction with the City of Moreland. Open to all women in business, the no cost space provides a welcome change of scenery for the self-employed or freelancers looking for a change of scenery and the chance to network.

The space is light filled, provides WiFi access, space for meetings or to work independently and without distraction. Pop up café Chapt Two is also open for sustenance to keep the inspiration flowing.

Moreland City Council has partnered with EBV to enable the Women’s network group to experience coworking Wednesdays in their space in East Brunswick. This initiative has come about through the generosity of EBV to open up their showroom to support the needs of business women in Moreland. We know that micro and start-up businesses are challenged by numerous issues including isolation and lack of support, so having a space where they can interact and work is a great benefit to their success”. Maria-Luisa Nardella, Manager Economic Development, Engagement & Partnerships.

Bonnie Halliday has been utilising the EBV space since the beginning with her small batch foodie-centric start up business, SMALT that creates smoky treats using local produce such as salt, fudge, honey, BBQ rub and maple syrup.
“It’s so great to have access to such a lovely environment and a wonderful break from my home office and kitchen,” says Bonnie. “It’s my first time using a co-working space and I’m really enjoying it. Aside from the practical aspects of business I do there like accounting and planning, it’s really the opportunity to network and share ideas I value.”

Collaboration is an important aspect of SMALT’s business ethos and recent projects with local Brunswick producers include gelato, craft beer, cannoli and Easter eggs. The co-working space offers the chance for engagement with other women in businesses similar, but also completely different, “so it leads to lots of conversations and potential collaborations,” Bonnie adds, including now having Smalt products in the café, Chapt 2. “You can participate, or not mingle at all, whatever suits you on any given day, but it’s been a really beneficial experience for me.”

New on the calendar at EBV is Learnings over Lunch Sessions. All sessions are free and open to all.

Wednesday 6 November
12.30pm – 1.30pm
Legal Essentials for Small Business with Glenda Dennler – Commercial Laywer, Top Notch Legal
Wednesday 13 November
12.30pm – 1.30pm
Introduction to Podcasting with Emma Sharp –General Manager, Stupid Old Studios
Wednesday 20 November
12.30pm – 1.30pm
Create your own WIG (Wildly Important Goal) for 2020′ with Asha Buolker

Women’s Co-working Wednesdays
8am – 3pm
EBV Display Suite. 143 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East

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