Imaging the Dead - Linden New Art

Imaging the Dead at Linden New Art

25 August – 4 November

Linden New Art is proud to present an exhibition of new work by leading mid-career Australian artist Natalie Ryan at their newly renovated St Kilda gallery from 25 August until 4 November. Natalie Ryan’s practice explores themes that surround the aesthetic representation of animal cadavers and natural sciences, throughout history and in contemporary art.

Imaging the Dead will feature a series of photographic depictions of anatomical veterinary specimens; disembodied animal body parts that are used for the purpose of scientific study. Ryan created these works while undertaking research at the Anatomy Museum of the Melbourne Veterinary School. Presented alongside the photographic prints will be a corresponding series of sculptural works that will give shape to the ‘absent’ portions of the animal specimens.

Artist Natalie Ryan says “I see the sculptural works and the photographs as post-mortem portraits. Although the body may be fragmented it is still a visual representation of the once living being and for me this is a portrait of sorts. When encountering the specimens in the museum there is a desire to try and restore the body, to return it in some way to be reminiscent of its living self. I am interested in the way we are conditioned to view the animal cadaver

and how this can shift when it is taken out of context and viewed within the gallery environment.”

These works further the artist’s investigation into the connections between art and science. Ryan aims to open up conversations about death and the way we view such imagery.

Linden New Art Curator, Juliette Hanson, says “Natalie’s works serve as a reminder that we are all made of the same stuff. The works encourage us to think about the way we treat animals and our relationship to them.”

Imaging the Dead will be presented alongside a new solo exhibition Wholeness and the Implicit Order by renowned mid-career artist Julia deVille. It will also be complimented by a range of events and public programs.

Image credit: Natalie Ryan, Untitled (internals), 2018, C Type print. Image courtesy of the artist.

Natalie Ryan
Imaging the Dead

25 August – 4 November 2018
Saturday 25 August 2018, 2PM to 4PM
Linden New Art, 26 Acland Street, St Kilda VIC 3182