Humans 2.0 – Invent • Evolve • Decide

Week Coordinating Committee and The Royal Society of Victoria present Humans 2.0.

As part of National Science Week 2018, Humans 2.0 invites audiences to imagine beyond Frankenstein’s monster to what it will mean to be human in the next century.

The free speculative storytelling event will be held on Wednesday 15 August 6pm – 10pm at 524 Flinders Event Space, Flinders Street, bringing Melburnians the opportunity to ruminate on the future of the human species.

Wearables, transplantables, cognitive enhancement, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. How will you define what is human, and decide what is dead or alive?

Take a look at 3D printed bionic hand prototypes with Mechanical Engineer at the University of Melbourne Dr Alireza Mohammad. For the ultimate virtual reality experience, visit Games Designer at RMIT University Stephanie Andrews.

Check out future artefacts and prototypes while grabbing a drink at the y-bar, and dance off with artificial intelligence. Hear about new modes of communication, sports and transport which may be available to future humans.

Augment yourself using the latest in AR technology with Phoria Technologist and Entrepreneur Trent Clews-de Castella.


Humans 2.0 – what is the future of our species? Invent, evolve and decide with us.

Free – event registrations are essential at


Humans 2.0

Wednesday 15 August, 6pm – 10pm

524 Flinders Event Space, Flinders Street, Melbourne


National Science Week

11th-19th August 2018