From Tony Nicolini’s Kitchen to Yours ST. ALi launches Italian Artisans pizza base

It’s not a widely known fact, but co-founder of Melbourne’s DOC pizzeria and mozzarella bar sold his interests in the restaurant group to launch Italian Artisans a couple of years ago – a passion project solely focussed on the ancient methods and products of Italian artisans, and of course, pizza.

“I wanted to give other people the opportunity to peek into my pantry and be able to take those ingredients home, too,” says Nicolini. As restrictions in Melbourne have forced the Albert Park flagship to close its doors, Nicolini developed a customisable pizza base for a retail market no available exclusively through Salvatore Malatesta’s General Store.

The base will be sold individually in 8.5” diameter pizzetta sizing, built from a combination of tipo 00 flour and ancient grains; the tiniest component of yeast and at least 72 hours of fermentation, meaning that unlike other pre-packaged pizza bases, it is highly nutritious and easy to digest. It will be adorned simply with a sauce made from highly prized, Italian heirloom San Marzano tomatoes. The Italian Artisans base is designed for you to store in the fridge or freezer, top simply with ingredients like buffalo mozzarella and anchovies (available in the St Ali General Store), and serve to your kids after school as a spuntino, just like Nicolini does with his own family. 

This will be the first product in a range from Italian Artisans exclusive to ST. ALi’s General Store. A shelf-stable produce box straight from Italy will be the next item available, championing ingredients like olive oil, pasta, salt, rice and polenta, which are the backbone of Italian cuisine.

The Italian Artisans base will be $11 ($60 for six) and can be purchased online.

Available now at ST. ALi South Melbourne and online at