MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: The Naomi Milgrom Foundation today announced a free program of events for Primary and Secondary school students to take place at MPavilion 2019, Queen Victoria Gardens, in March 2020. Inspired by the influential fifty-year practice of MPavilion 2019 architect Glenn Murcutt AO, MPavilion’s Education initiative engages leading community organisations to present hands-on workshops exploring design and technology, climate and environment, and mental health and wellbeing. The Education initiative is part of MPavilion’s month-long program theme of ‘Knowledge: Shared Learning, Shared Power’.

Education collaborators include award-winning sustainability centre and urban farm CERES Community Environment Park; Melbourne’s acclaimed designer-illustrator Beci Orpin with artist Frances Cannon and Australia’s most popular mindfulness app and nonprofit, Smiling Mind; and Fab9, a Footscray-based workshop offering training, tools and technology to makers of all kinds.

Naomi Milgrom AO, founder of the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, which commissions each year’s MPavilion, said: “Inspired by Glenn Murcutt’s dedication to teaching and to climate-sensitive Australian design, we’re excited to inspire the next generation of designers, thinkers and makers with our free Education initiative. I invite schools and students of all ages to get hands-on with our fantastic workshops at MPavilion.”

MPavilion program manager Jen Zielinska, said: “We’re proud to expand our programming outreach into the community and provide free events for schools and students this season. MPavilion is the perfect outdoor classroom in the heart of the city, and we have some highly experienced and engaging collaborators onboard this year.”

On Mon 2 Mar, over two workshops 9.30–10.30am and 10.30–11.15am, CERES presents Renewable Energy explores energy and electricity with activities for Primary students Grade 3 and up. Students will learn how a power station works, discuss climate change, and ride a bicycle to generate electricity. Then on Tue 3 Mar, over two workshops 9.30–10.30am and 10.30–11.15am, CERES presents Discovering Energy uncovers the basics of energy for young students Foundation to Grade 2. Students will find out how the body makes energy, participate in hands-on examples of energy transfer and create a giant electrical circuit as a class.

FAB9—a Footscray-based community of makers—lead Secondary students in a collaborate project to create a Rube Golberg machine on Wed 4 and Thu 5 Mar, 9.30–11.30am. Student Makerthon with FAB9 will see students using found and repurposed parts to engage design and problem-solving skills, building a series of gran interactions of constructed objects.

On Wed 11 Mar, over two workshops 9.30–10.30am (Grade 3–6) and 10.30–11.15am (Grade 7–10), CERES presents Australia 2050 is a fun and fascinating survey-based exercise to teach students how lifestyle and population measures can help predict the future for the year 2050. CERES presents Water Cyclist on Mon 16 Mar, over two workshops 9.30–10.30am and 10.30–11.15am, will see young students Foundation to Grade 2 exploring the various uses of water in communities and cities, and participating in activities to learn how to save water at home.

On Wed 18 Mar, over two workshops 9.30–11.30am and 1–3pm, Drawing with Emotion sees artist Frances Cannon and designer-illustrator Beci Orpin collaborating with mindfulness app and nonprofit Smiling Mind to engage Secondary students (age 13 and up) in a drawing class using the META principles (Mind, Emotions, Thoughts and Awareness). Orpin and Smiling Mind then join illustrator Montana Kitching and artist Esther Olsson for Vinyl Sticker Making on Thu 19 Mar, over two workshops 9.30–11.30am and 1–3pm, to lead Secondary students in a creative workshop again using the META principles.

MPavilion also provides online Education Resources to assist schools and teachers in site excursions and classes focused on architecture and design, Australian design and Glenn Murcutt’s environmentally responsible career and design for MPavilion 2019.

MPavilion 2019 free Education events and Education Resources can be viewed at

Media contact: Annika Priest at [email protected]

Education contact: Jen Zielinska at [email protected]

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