Deeper Darker Brighter lights up the Town Hall Gallery

Town Hall Gallery’s exhibition DEEPER DARKER BRIGHTER depicts the wonder of science and the universe through art, showing Saturday 12 May until Sunday 1 July.

Influenced by an astrophysics program dedicated to searching for the fastest explosions in the universe, DEEPER DARKER BRIGHTER is the inventive outlet for artists Pamela Bain and Carolyn Lewens; who are fascinated by astronomy and the existing technology behind it. The artists created this work through Swinburne University’s Centre for Astrophysics and Computing.

DEEPER DARKER BRIGHTER explores the means by which science can be translated into art through sensory and visual experiences.

Experimental artist Pamela Bain uses her imaginative flair to explore the concept of spatial orientation in relation to our personal environment. With an avid interest in astrophotography, Bain has used this interest as a means to create artworks such as Biotic Cosmic –a visual discussion about the human body’s relationship and mutual composition between outer space; suggesting that humans are interconnected with the universe.

Bain’s artwork uses her impaired vision as an inspiration to create work incorporating magnifying components to then reflect the atmosphere of observatories and telescopes used in studying the universe.

“Expect a playground of creative wonders that references flashing explosions in the cosmic realm and what it takes to scientifically catch them,” says Bain.

Artist Carolyn Lewens also shares an interest in the concept of science and art. Her art derives from a love of photography and the manipulation of pre-photographic processes and the postproduction phase. Her work explores the obscurity of shadows through the use of imagery, sound data and text. Lewens artwork emphasises issues between art and science, focusing on climate change, existentialism and what may exist in the depths of the water and space.

In conjunction with the exhibition the curator will host a walk and talk tour where gallery visitors can hear directly from the artists to gain a deeper understanding of the artworks and the exhibition.

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Deeper Darker Brighter
Saturday 12 May – Sunday 1 July
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 12 May 11am-4pm
Walk and Talk: Saturday 12 May 1-2pm
Mid-week Walk and Talk + Astro Tour at Swinburne University: Wednesday 20 June 11am-1:15pm