Dark Imaginings – Public Programs announced

Dark Imaginings: Gothic Tales of Wonder will open this week in all its eerie, supernatural glory at the University of Melbourne’s Noel Shaw Gallery on Thursday 1st March.

Showcasing the rich holdings from the University’s Special Collections, the exhibition explores the emergence of an 18th-century Gothic sensibility in literature, art and music.

For a greater, in-depth look at the exhibition, co-curator Jen Hill will be giving a Curator’s Floor Talk on Thursday 15th March, 12-1pm, delving further into stories of graveyard poets, body snatchers and anatomists, and the pseudo scientific craze of trying to bring dead creatures back to life.

Acclaimed Melbourne author Dmetri Kakmi (The Boy By the Gate, Haunting Matilda) will facilitate The Architecture of Horror: Gothic Writing Workshop on Thursday 19th April, 12-2pm, sharing tips and techniques on staying true to the extreme form of romanticism.

Professor Mary Luckhurst will look at why the Gothic spin has such an effective appeal, and what ghostly narratives both reveal and obscure in Dark Tourism: Ghosts and the Gothic Theatre of Victoria’s Heritage Sites on and co-editor of Theatre and Ghosts: Materiality, Performance and Modernity, Prof Luckhurst will discuss Thursday 17th May, 12-1pm. As a theatre historian why the Gothic is so prevalent in Victoria.

During In Conversation: Speculative Fiction on Thursday 14th June, 12-1pm, host Louise Swinn and authors Michelle Goldsmith, Narrelle Harris, Kirstyn McDermott and Jason Nahrung will discuss the speculative fiction genre and the evolution of early gothic literature into its contemporary form.

In Bram Stoker’s 1898 novel, Dracula migrates from Transylvania to London and buys property there. Migration is the thing that makes this ancient vampire modern. In Transnational Draculas on Thursday 28th June, 12-1pm, Professor Ken Gelder will track the modern vampire’s arrival in three quite different places – the American South, Japan and Sweden – through various mediums such as the film Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, the True Blood television series, and John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel Let the Right One In.

All public programs are free but bookings are required at http://library.unimelb.edu.au/darkimaginings.


Dark Imaginings: Gothic Tales of Wonder

Noel Shaw Gallery, Baillieu Library
1 March – 31 July 2018