CUSafe Screen – customer and staff protection now available for hospitality venues

The big topic for everyone right now is hygiene. To meet the health and safety needs for ST. ALi staff and customers during the Covid-19 crisis, director Salvatore Malatesta asked local workplace design company UCI for a solution. The result is the CUSafe Screen – a safety screen to be placed at the counter to act as a barrier between customers and staff, while still delivering a quality customer experience. The CUSafe Screen is designed and developed to keep people connected and protected as they continue to do business. 

Through a unique collaboration between ST. ALi and UCI, the CUSafe Screen is now available for small businesses and individuals to purchase, usually only accessible for large corporations. Safe, lightweight, impact-resistant, flexible and versatile, CUSafe Screen is sturdy, durable and can be placed at interaction points allowing social distancing and safety. Standard guards are available from $400 + GST.

“Tough times are when friendships are cemented.  ST. ALi asked UCI for a solution to be on the front foot with customer and staff protection. UCI turned it around in 24 hours.  It is beautiful, simple and well priced.  I asked to take on the agency for hospitality and they agreed.  We continue to pivot with each new challenge,” states Malatesta.

“UCI is meeting the needs of businesses in the service industry by designing and developing the CUSafe Screens, which are manufactured in Australia,” states UCI founders Hermione Stewart and Steve Chadband. “We are receiving fantastic feedback where the screens have been installed.  Both staff and customers are telling us the CUSafe Screen helps everyone feel safe and acts as a reminder to keep a healthy distance.

ST. ALi aims to see CUSafe Screens everywhere, as industries strive to keep staff and customers health and safety as their key priority.  These CUSafe Screens are for nursing stations, doctors offices, take-away coffee stands, supermarkets, petrol stations, where-ever people interact for a service.  Sal has always known a good thing when he sees it.  Go and ask his staff and customers what they think – they can’t stop saying thank you!”

For more than 48 years UCI has been delivering high-quality workplace solutions. UCI has manufacturing in Australia and complies with all OHS regulations making it one of the safest office furniture options available.

Features and specifications 

  • Australian made
  • 6mm Australian sourced acrylic material
  • High gloss finish
  • Great for medical, food and service applications
  • Easy to clean
  • Mobile
  • Good impact resistance
  • Sturdy and durable
  • 5 days delivery time (applies to standard size and stock availability)
  • Two year warranty
  • Custom shapes and sizes are available to order
  • Orders can be placed at: