Collins Quarter and Feral Brewing Company collaborate for Good Beer Week

Collins Quarter will showcase beer-inspired cuisine at this year’s Good Beer Week. Elements of Beer with Feral & Collins Quarter will take place on Saturday 12 May in the venue’s hidden paradise, Colin’s Courtyard.

Teaming up with WA’s Feral Brewing Company, Collins Quarter is excited to showcase home-grown beverages and dishes using signature ingredients from beer, each embracing the different elements of Feral beer.

Collins Quarter’s new head chef, Luke Headon, will be incorporating grain, malt, hops, yeast, and water into the dishes for the special event to recreate the classic taste of a refreshing beer. Mouth-watering dishes include suckling pork with apple IPA chutney, honey and butter jelly, as well as beer-can chicken tacos with Warhog chili sauce.

Feral Brewing Company encompass age-old traditions in the beer making trade, creating raw and natural beer for beer devotees everywhere. Brewing beer is their passion and they strive on producing the faultless local beer, perfecting their trade. Guests will hear from the Feral brewers who will be on hand throughout the night to talk about their wide range of handcrafted beer and their brewing processes.

Guests will also hear from Luke who will explain how to create a beer inspired dinner while incorporating zero waste, an ethos that be has brought into the new menu at Collins Quarter.

Tickets are priced at $48 and are available here: quarter


Elements of Beer with Feral & Collins Quarter
Good Beer Week

Colin’s Courtyard, 86 Collins Street, Melbourne