Artist Pamela Bain brings her cosmic installations to EBV | February 4 – March 27

Pamela Bain, the creative mind behind DEEPER DARKER BRIGHTER, is exhibiting her astrologically inspired installations at the East Brunswick Village (EBV) display suite currently until March 27.

Fascinated with deep space phenomena such as supernovae, Bain is lighting up the EBV display suite with her stellar explosions that ponder the nature of light, dark and the shadowy in between inherent to the cosmic mysterious.

Having impaired sight (hypermetropia and glaucoma), Bain explores the adaptation of magnifying instruments. For the artist these instruments of science and astronomy, like her glasses and visual aids, become portals into other worlds and magnify that which is hidden or less visible to the naked eye.

As an experimental artist working from her Fitzroy studio in Melbourne, Bain continually invents new methods and instruments of mark making that meld with more traditional materials such as paints, inks, pastels and pencils. The outer cosmic realms have been an enduring source of interest for Bain, which has evolved into a lifelong fascination with astronomy and space exploration.

The experimental artist considers art and science to be closely bound counterparts, as each field carries with it a sense of wonder, potential for experimentation, the opportunity for deep inquiry, and the prospect of discovery and revelation.

Graduating from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Fine Art, Bain excelled in the studies of painting, print making and graphic design. Moving to Melbourne in 1998, she gained additional degrees including cinema and cultural studies. Bain is a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria and the Mount Burnett Observatory. This, together with her excursions to NASA, Houston, the Kennedy Space Centre and ongoing space-related research, has informed her series of light spectacles, hypothetical planets, speculative space scapes, and cosmic possibilities.

Pamela Bain at EBV 
February 4 – March 27 
EBV Display Suite, 143 Nicholson St Brunswick East

East Brunswick Village 
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Image credit: OF COSMOS (the DNA configuration). Photographed paper sculptures with internal light source,12 brushed metal gloss panels – 190cm x 90cm