Festival of Live Art at Footscray Community Arts Centre 13 – 25 March 2018

Festival of Live Art at Footscray Community Arts Centre

13 – 25 March 2018


Footscray Community Arts Centre is proud to present four cutting edge works as part of the third edition of the Festival of Live Art.


Acclaimed American, Melbourne-based artist Jonathan Homsey brings together motion capture technology and live performances to create an exciting new experience of dance, expression and intimacy beyond gender lines in Mx.Red (March 14-24). Featuring music by Joyce Wrice (USA), and choreography by Sela Vai (Western Sydney) and Homsey, Mx.Red collides contemporary dance with street to blur the lines between the virtual and physical worlds.


Be ready for the pose off in Mx.Red Waackin’ Ball (March 23) as Homsey harnesses the cult popularity of `70s dance style “Waackin’” (given mainstream exposure in 70s dance TV show Soul Train and revived by So You Think You Can Dance in 2011). The queer futurist celebration of expression and empowerment will be created by the local and international waackin’ community, including performances by Burn City Waack and international waackin’ champion, Junko Sasaki, as well as participants of the local Mx.Red Waackin’ Workshops.


Self Seekers (March 24) examines ‘selfie’ culture and the unique ways each person listens to the world around them. First developed by The Amplified Elephants in 2015, with showings in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Melbourne, Self Seekers is a multidisciplinary electronic work featuring live video, abstract sound and performance.


A celebration of the awkwardness of adolescence, Lovely Mess (March 22-23) invites an audience to bear witness as a group of teenagers on the cusp of adulthood shed the skin of childhood embarrassment so they can move on with their lives.


Award-winning artists the indirect Object present three intimate stories of intergenerational mental illness in Verbatim (March 22-24) for an intimate audience of one. Told through an immersive solo journey into the heart of life with clinical depression, Verbatim asks ‘at what point is a person with mental illness responsible for their actions?’ (Warnings: small spaces, heating, physical touching; deals with mental health issues/suicide content).


An immersive sonic experience, Cruel Optimism, held at The SUBSTATION and performed by Lawrence English, addresses the current geo-political climate. As part of the event, English will be drawing on his global experience to host workshops on field recording.


As Australia’s largest live art program featuring contemporary, experimental, interactive and participatory art, the biennial Festival of Live Art is for curious audiences to experience intimate, boutique and large scale works.


Developed in partnership with Arts House, Footscray Community Arts Centre and Theatre Works, the third edition of the Festival of Live Art features over 30 curated contemporary performances, live art events, public programs, talks and parties.


The 2018 festival program expands to additional outdoor sites and also to collaborating venue partners, including West Space, Temperance Hall, The SUBSTATION and Melbourne City Baths.


Festival of Live Art

13-25 March 2018

Tickets: Mx.Red: free / $30 / 2 for $45, Self Seekers: $20, Lovely Mess: free, Verbatim: free.

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