Toshio Matsudo, guest chef for Yokocho presents exclusive menu

After opening its doors for the first time in late November 2017, Yokocho is excited to announce that established Omakase Chef from Japan, Toshio Matsudo, will be breathing new life into the menu on an exclusive visit to bring knowledge of classic Edomae-style sushi to the venue.

Living and working in Japan, China and Korea, Toshio has become one of the most famous names in Japanese fine dining. Renowned for personally serving President George Bush, he is particularly famous for being the chef of former Japanese Prime Minister, Hashimoto Ryutaro.

Toshio achieved success in Hong Kong with his own restaurant called, Sushi Dokoro, then moved to Korea in 2008 to become head chef and and part owner of Sushi U in Seoul.

Referred to as the master of sushi, Toshio has gone onto mentor budding chefs such as Michael Chan of the luxurious Perkin Hotel and Nobu in Hong Kong, and stamping his expertise at Shiro’s Sushi in Seattle.

With food good enough to feed a Prime Minister, Yokocho is excited to present a new menu that has been created by Toshio in an exclusive and rare visit. Patrons can expect modern style bento boxes suitable for balcony dining overlooking the bustle of Bourke St, or consider the Omakase degustation menu when the venue transforms from day to night.

The set Omakase menu (translating to ‘leave it up to you’) allows patrons to leave it up to the chef and indulge in a six-course degustation, spearheaded by Toshio himself. Designed for two or more people, the banquet selection can include items such as spicy sashimi tacos, fresh Kingfish ceviche, or Yokocho a la carte favourite – miso black cod which comes grilled to perfection.

“Chef Matsudo is bringing over 50 years of Japanese culinary experience to Yokocho designing the Bento and Omakase”, says Benny Lui of Yokocho.

The collaboration will see the vibrant restaurant gain a new lease on traditional Japanese cuisine as Toshio up-skills the team with his masterful artistry.

Located in the historic Mid City Arcade on Bourke Street, the vibrant street culture of Tokyo has been reimagined through Yokocho’s minimalistic fit out and lively ambience. The venue seats 80 to 90 patrons including the massive outdoor terrace overlooking Bourke Street, perfect for those balmy Melbourne nights to come over the lush autumn months. Nestled in the walkway of Mid City Arcade, Yokocho pays homage to memory and tradition while still exploring the exciting future of Japanese dining.


11:30am – late
101, 200 Bourke Street, Melbourne