The Palimpsest revealed for Off the Grid 2017

An exchange of ideas and innovations for our future cities


After dropping an extraordinary music line up a few weeks ago, Finding Infinity is thrilled to round out the Off the Grid 2017 program with the announcement of its morning talks program, ‘The Palimpsest’. This conversation-style conference will kick-start the day and feature some of Australia’s leading environmentalists, architects, activists, entrepreneurs and foodies. Tickets are moving fast and will enter second round release on Friday 17 November.


A ‘palimpsest’ refers to an ancient document that is written and rewritten, over and over again. Just like the cities we live in, this document is constantly growing and evolving. The Palimpsest talks program aims to initiate a discourse promoting the exchange of ideas and innovations by exploring experts’ visions of the future of our cities. Unlike other conferences, The Palimpsest encourages audience members to interact with the presenters, creating a user-generated experience that shapes the conference.


“We need to transform our cities from consumers to producers. The Palimpsest will set a vision for the future of cities and show us the pathway on how together we can get there as fast as possible,” says Ross Harding, co-founder of Off the Grid.


This year’s line up features a vast collection of speakers who have each contributed to ensuring the wellbeing of our city continues long into the future. Highlights include:


Clare Cousins – President-elect of Royal Australian Institute of Architects. Since establishing her Melbourne practice, Clare Cousins Architects, in 2005, Clare has become recognised for design excellence in residential, cultural, interior and furniture design. Engaged in projects large and small, her studio explores experientially rich architecture that celebrates simple domestic ritual while curating new relationships with the surrounding context and landscape.


James Murray-Parkes is the director and founder of Scientific at Brookfield. His passion is to ensure that physics is applied at the heart of the design process, thereby introducing efficiencies and helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment. He specialises in unique bespoke designs and mathematical innovations, constantly challenging the status quo.


Joost Bakker isn’t only a globally recognised artist but an environmental visionary. Through his installations, artworks and pop-up buildings, Bakker has been able to turn radical ideas into reality. He is known for creating Australia’s first zero-waste café (Brothl), greenhouse pop-up cafes in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, and building a fire-resistant house from 100% recyclable materials.


Linda Kennedy, a Yuin woman from the South Coast of NSW, is the creator of Future Black design studio, established in 2017. With a foundation on Linda’s manifesto titled Future Black – Decolonising Design in Australia’s Built Environment (2014), her work advocates for an overall shift in design process, design thinking and design practice to place value on Indigenous ways of knowing and doing as an integral priority whereby Country and community come first in all design projects in the built environment.


The Palimpsest full line up:

Alison Rowe – Moreland Energy Foundation Amy Roberts – Vege Threads

Amy Roberts – Vege Threads

Alison Rowe – Moreland Energy Foundation

Amy Roberts – Vege Threads

Clare Cousins – Royal Institute of Architects

Courtney Holm – A.BCH

Ella Saurus – PSYKLZ ClubSport

Erin Rhoads – The Rogue Ginger

James Brown – MASH

James Murray-Parkes – Multiplex Engineering Group

Jessie Hochberg – Nightingale Housing

Joost Baker – Brothl, Silo

Kate Dundas – 3000acres

Kate Nicolazzo – Positive Charge

Kristy Richards – The Lab Strategy

Linda Kennedy – Future Black

Michael Alvisse – Schamburg + Alvisse

Michael Markham – tUG Workshop

Michelle Isles – City of Melbourne

Monique Conheady – Moreland Energy Foundation

Rob Adams – City of Melbourne

Rob Murray-Leach – Energy Efficiency Council

Roj Amedi – writer/editor/strategist

Taryn Lane – Hepburn Wind

Timothy Hill – Partners Hill


The Palimpsest will be followed by a solar-powered music celebration with Jay Daniel (US), Chee Shimizu (JAP), Krakatau and more. It all takes place at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) forecourt on Friday 22 December 2017.


Presented by Finding Infinity – an organisation dedicated to speeding up the world’s transition to renewables through creativity and consulting – Off the Grid is designed to help the city of Melbourne create its own future based on infinite resources. 100% of the festival’s profits will go towards a renewable energy project in Melbourne.


Off the Grid is presented in partnership with Monash Technical Handbook Council, State Government of Victoria, Brookfield, Multiplex & City of Melbourne. Conference attendees who are registered architects will receive up to 4.0 CPD points from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.


Off the Grid

Friday 22 December

ACCA, 111 Sturt Street, Southbank


First-round tickets on sale now

The Palimpsest and party (entry from 9am): $50

Party only (entry from 2pm): $35


Second-round tickets as of Friday 17 November

The Palimpsest and party (entry from 9am): $60

Party only (entry from 2pm): $45