Lello Pasta Bar tells tales of Italy on Flinders Lane

Lello Pasta Bar will celebrate different regions of Italy through its stunning pasta menu, each dish telling a delightful story. Lello is the evolution of the famous Yak Italian Kitchen & Bar on Flinders Lane which has refreshed and rebranded for a gorgeous taste of Italy, launching on 28 September.

The new name Lello is a nod to head chef and co-owner Leo Gelsomino, (Lello is a cute derivative of the name Leo given as a child). Leo has been instrumental in the evolution of the venue, which originally opened with a strong bar focus, but the reputation of the food soon surpassed and became the hero of the venue.

Leo Gelsomino explains: “We make fresh pasta daily from sprouted, germinated flour giving it a lower gluten content and higher nutritional profile, for a light and authentic taste. I have my own custom-made pasta extruder made in Italy, which I used to develop our signature durum wheat flour dough.”

Handmade pasta dishes at Lello include the delicious Culurgiones (playfully known as ravioli’s chubby cousin), a Sardinian dumpling filled with potato, mint and pecorino, served with fresh broad bean pesto and roasted almonds. (Pictured above)

The Baked Paccheri is filled with ricotta and cardoon (an underrated cousin of the artichoke) which Leo hand forages from local parks and gardens. Sicily is one of the few places in the world where the cardoon stalks are consumed. The dish served with Pomodoro giallo, capers and artichoke. The Tagliolini is served with braised Gippsland rabbit, Ligurian olives, pancetta, white wine and thyme. (Pictured left)

Diners at Lello can start off their meal with a traditional aperitivo, including the Milano-Torino with Campari, Cinzano Rosso Vermouth and grapefruit bitters or the Bellini with Salatin Procecco and peach puree.

Wine lovers can pair their meal with some local and Italian varieties, including Yarra Valley’s Dominque Portet Sauvignon Blanc, Eden Valley’s Mesh Reisling, Sardinia’s Tyros Vermenito, Tuscany’s Maestro Janni Rosso di Montalchino or Maclaren Vale’s Down The Rabbit Hole Shiraz, to name a few.

Lello is all about traditional recipes and techniques made in artisan style and served with love.

Lello Pasta Bar (launches 28 September)

150 Flinders Lane