High profile acts take a risk at Melbourne Fringe 2017

Melbourne Fringe, Australia’s largest independent arts festival, is loved by audiences and artists alike for its distinctively brazen and bold program that features emerging as well as established acts. This year is no different, with a star-studded line-up set to grace stages and spaces around Melbourne from 14 September – 1 October with new and boundary-pushing material.

The Festival’s 2017 theme encourages artists and audiences to step out of the echo chamber and get the conversation flowing. A multitude of high-profile artists will challenge themselves in Fringe

Festival shows, including:

  • Arj Barker: the world-famous comic will share new material. “Some call it a work in progress; I call it: ‘Arj Barker – Keeper or Crapper 2017’!”
  • Joel McHale of the cult TV comedy Community
  • Lawrence Mooney: the local larrikin invites audiences to join him for An Evening with Malcolm Turnbull. It’s time to discover the real Malcolm Bligh Turnbull: witty, charming, erudite and sexually explosive
  • Tony Martin and Geraldine Quinn record a podcast together, live at Trades Hall
  • Kevin Bridges returns to Melbourne after selling out his Comedy Festival season in 2015
  • Birds on Sticks: Alex Papps and Heath McIvor star in this dark comedy directed by Sammy J
  • Geraldine Hickey of ABC’s Playground Politics and It’s a Date
  • The Umbilical Brothers try out new, untested material
  • Glittery Clittery is an all-singing sparkle-filled show of female empowerment set cracking tunes. Featuring Tessa Waters, Rowena Hutson, and Victoria Falconer-Pritchard
  • Betty Grumble the Sex Clown, a cult hit on the Fringe circuit
  • Caroline Lee and Holly Durant present a work about 19th Century showgirl, Lola Montez
  • Jeffrey Jay Fowler (Fag/Stag) is writer/director of a theatrical fever dream that takes the boy gets girl cliché and impales it with marriage’s grim history
  • Wil Greenway presents his sold-out Edinburgh Fringe show, The Way the City Ate the Stars

“Melbourne Fringe is about taking risks. For our artists, Fringe is a safe space perfect for experiment and discovery, where big names can sit alongside emerging artists and push the boundaries of their artform. Whatever you decide to do, give it a red hot go.” Simon Abrahams, Creative Director & CEO, Melbourne Fringe.

Melbourne Fringe fosters the idea of cultural democracy – of art for everyone – which is why established and emerging artists stand side-by-side testing bold new work. With over 440 events, Melbourne Fringe is a fun, affordable way to experience new and exciting art in Melbourne.

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Festival dates: 14 September – 1 October