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The Children’s Party: a political party for the 20%


The Children’s Party
A political party for the 20%

Children are the largest demographic excluded from having their voice heard in the political arena – but that’s about to change. The forging of Australia’s first child-led political party, The Children’s Party, is here to radically disrupt the political and media landscape.

In a time of political upheaval around the globe and within Australia, The Children’s Party provides new voices, fresh perspectives and wise words that can only come from the unjaded insights of children. Over the coming months, 12 young people aged between 9 and 12 who make up the core of The Children’s Party will consult with local politicians, speech writers and political advisers to learn the tricks of the trade, as they form Australia’s first children’s led party.

People under the age of 18 make up 20% of Australia’s population, but do not have any input into our democracy. Each generation is inherently more progressive than the previous one, but considering the majority of our current Federal Parliament is over 50, there is an enormous gap between people with political power and the people of the land.

The Children’s Party seeks to restore some balance to this dynamic by responding to some of the most urgent and impacting issues of our time.

“Younger doesn’t mean less. We may have less experience, less education, have read less books, but we have different wisdom, different ideas, more creativity, another way of looking at things,” says 10-year-old Clifford.

Adds 10-year-old Mirai: “As young people, we might have our best ideas now and might care less later. We might be our best selves now – so we need to act now.”

The Children’s Party Convention on September 24 is the first step for The Children’s Party to attract attention so that they can collect the 500 signatures needed to register as an official political party.

Championing the values of kindness, equality, difference, courageosity (courage and curiosity) and freedom, The Children’s Party recognises that young people have a valid voice, and have the time, ambition, fearlessness, energy and passion for these voices to be valued in the Australian political landscape.

Members of The Children’s Party are available for interview and to make comment. They have a raft of policies including:
• Eradication of detention centres and offshore processing
• No more use of fossil fuels, all new cars to be hybrid or electric and all new buildings to have solar panels
• No more plastic bags or take away coffee cups
• Wage increases for female dominated professions
• Indigenous languages to be taught in schools by elders
• Media and governments give terrorism too much attention; we need to address the underlying reasons for terrorism rather than terrorist attacks

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Children’s Party Convention

Fringe Hub: Arts House – Festival Club
521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne
Sunday September 24, 4pm. Free. Bookings essential: