Burgers meet augmented reality with the launch of the Royal Stacks food truck

Since launching in 2016 Royal Stacks has gone from strength the strength, finding new ways to interact with its cult following and deliver the best possible experience. The latest development, to be launched on Thursday 2 November, is a food truck with built-in augmented reality that takes the previously launched iPhone app to the next level, allowing people to interact with the truck in a way they have not done before.


Burger fans are already familiar with the Royal Stacks burger-stacking game for iPhone. Now this game has been incorporated into a more extensive app where customers can directly order their meal before their phone turns into a buzzer to alert them their meal is ready. Players will earn points to score freebies – however, the most exciting development is unveiled when the Royal Stacks food truck is viewed through the phone camera and the augmented reality kicks in.


Local Melbourne artist Jasmine Mansbridge has teamed up with Royal Stacks to create the artwork for the retro food truck, and award-winning app developer Playside Studios has come on board to create the new augmented reality experience. Melburnians can expect an Australian first: no other brands have ever combined trucks with augmented reality, a phenomenon made popular by the likes of Snapchat and Pokémon Go. Jasmine said: “I love to play around with shapes, colour and three dimensional elements, so the opportunity to work with AR to maximise the 3D capabilities of the design was instantly appealing to me. It was an amazing process seeing the truck eventually come to life. It was a great project of which I am proud to have been a part of.”


Royal Stacks owner Dani Zeini said: “The decision to offer the truck with augmented reality follows our enthusiasm for offering unique dining experiences that go beyond food. When people walk into our flagship Collins Street store they can see our 3D artwork projected on the walls and enjoy a meal while playing our burger stacking game. We’re now taking this to the next level, allowing people to experience Royal Stacks outside the venue, and interact with the brand in ways that no other food brand is providing. It’s all a part of the fun dining experience that’s always been at the forefront of our brand.”


The Royal Stacks food truck will officially launch on Thursday 2 November at Whitehart Bar in Melbourne CBD. Patrons can download the app via the iTunes app store from 1 November to enjoy delicious burgers with a side of augmented reality. The food truck will be at Whitehart Bar every day until Sunday 5 November.


More food truck locations will be announced shortly and Royal Stacks fan will have the chance to devour some of their favourite treats, including The King, cheesymite gems, the legendary mac and cheese croquette and a range of signature shakes.

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